Analysis of cornerback Caleb Presley’s commitment to Oregon football


Caleb Presley became Oregon’s highest-rated rookie in its 2023 class on Tuesday and we’re here to break down every angle of his commitment and what it means for the Ducks.

Rating (Via Bryan Driskell of SI All-American)

Presley is one of the most physical cornerbacks on the West Coast. He’s a good size at 6-0 and 180 pounds, but he’s playing bigger than that both in coverage and as a tackle. Presley plays with a tenacious style of play and is clearly a confident football player.

Head coach Dan Lanning implemented aggressive coverage techniques at Georgia in their man and zone concepts. He liked long, athletic turns that could play close to the line and be physical. This is true when playing in an area where they wanted to scramble and redirect or when playing press man. Presley fits that mold quite well due to his playing strength and experience playing near the line of scrimmage.

Presley is a quality athlete who is more instinctive and physical than he is explosive, but he makes a ton of plays due to his length, high football IQ and aggressiveness. He’ll need to be efficient with his technique in order to maintain transition quickness (when running vertically with the WR), but his physique helps him overcome any lack of elite athleticism.

He gets his hands on a lot of footballs and he can play indoors or outdoors at the top level. Presley also has enough speed and athleticism to combine with his length and playing strength to be an effective corner kicker.

Impact on the recruitment journey

Presley was a must for Dan Lanning and the Ducks.

First of all, he was already high on Oregon when these new personnel arrived, which gave them a leg up – something they can’t say for many of their top targets in 2023. Demetrice is known as one of the best scouts in the West and he has shown it again. Second, Presley was an elite player who was more or less in their backyard in Seattle, seeing that Oregon doesn’t consistently produce top-tier talent. Geography was in their favor for a top prospect, also something that is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

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Additionally, cornerback is a major position in 2023 after losing three cornerbacks (Wright, James, Davies) in a single offseason, leaving Oregon with an abundance of youngsters in the position. Although this youngster is talented, you still want to give yourself more options and raise the level of competition.

Presley’s commitment is also important as it strengthens the pipeline to Washington, and perhaps more specifically FSP (Ford Sports Performance), a top sports performance training center and more recently one of the top 7 teams. against 7 in the country. troy franklin, Keith Brown, Ashton Cozart–the list goes on and we all know how important relationships are in recruiting.

The timing of this latest addition is also ideal for the Ducks, with targets like Micah Banuelos (July 8) and Miles McVay (August 11) should start this summer. Presley is another elite recruit in this class and he will likely attract more talent behind him, perhaps even in Washington State.

Oregon high school could be done in recruiting class of 2023 with more cornerbacks Cole Martin and Collin Gill in the fold, but the Ducks are still in the running for cornerback Gardena Serra (California) Rodrick Nicewhose elite track speed would be hard to deflect.

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