Brandon Streeter outlines 2022 football season, Clemson offense and quarterbacks


CLEMSON — At Clemson’s media day last week, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Brandon Streeter answered questions from local media.

The main takeaways are below.

– Calling games from the box takes some emotion out of the game (in a conductive way). He’ll skip the phone with the quarterback after every series.

— Reiterated that DJ Uiagalelei is mentally in a good place right now.

— Said Cade Klubnik excelled in learning from his mistakes in the spring. Complimented his leadership ability, composure, athleticism and confidence.

“I challenged Cade after spring prom to really reabsorb everything because in the past I’ve seen a lot of leaps and growth from the end of spring training to preseason camp because now they have the chance to sit down, breathe deeply and really just take it in, regurgitate it, watch more movies, exercise and exercise in the summer.”

– Streeter was asked to sum up Klubnik’s best attribute in one sentence.

“He’s confident in his abilities and his ability to take on an attack, that’s what he does.”


“I think a lot of people make comparisons to Deshaun Watson’s skills and there are definitely similarities. He’s a guy who can throw all the throws and yet get you out of a mess because he’s so athletic. .”

— On Klubnik’s footwork:

“That was one of the things we talked about at our spring release meeting. Whenever you know immediately where everyone is and is supposed to go, you can start cleaning up some of your footwork. and focus on that. But that first spring you’re trying to figure it all out and generally your footwork is a bit sloppy. That’s something he’s gone into deep into this summer and he assured me that it’s was definitely improved in this area.

“All quarterbacks go through the same process.”

– Said Hunter Helms and Billy Wiles will face off in camp for third place.

– Said offensive personnel focused on what to keep, eliminate and change in the attack in the spring, terminology included.

“We had to change our terminology and start fresh. I think it’s good for our players to start fresh after a while.”

— On assistants in new roles in the offensive room:

“To be honest, that makes it exciting. It really does. It brings fresh, new ideas and new thoughts.”

– Said he was delighted to have “a full room ready to go” in attack to start the camp. Wide receiver Adam Randall is currently the only guy left out to start camp.

“Full steam ahead, excited about the health of this team.”

– Says part of the reason Uiagalelei played at a high level in his first season, those two games he came in for Trevor Lawrence, was that there was no pressure on him.

– Said Will Taylor is a full speed, repeating slot.

– Said Will Shipley is very demanding of his teammates and holds them accountable. Called “the leader of the pack” in this respect.

– Said Clemson is as deep and talented to run this season as he has been at Clemson.

– A reminder that last week Uiagalelei said he weighed 235 pounds and wanted to play the season between 230 and 235. Also a reminder that Dabo Swinney said Klubnik was 195 after arriving last January at 179 years old.


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