College football playoff standings prediction: first place for Georgia football


We are 11 weeks into the college football season, every program has had its week off, there are all ten games in the season and there is one undefeated in Power 5 football.

Georgia Bulldogs. The only one known in the sport will undoubtedly be ranked No. 1 overall as the third edition of the college football qualifying standings are unveiled on Tuesday night.

Georgia’s placement is the easy part, after which the rest of the college football landscape is questionable at best.

Top 10 from last week:

  1. Georgia
  2. Alabama
  3. Oregon
  4. Ohio state
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Michigan
  7. Michigan State
  8. Oklahoma
  9. our Lady
  10. Oklahoma State

Only one team in last week’s top ten fell in Week 11, as Oklahoma lost its first game of the season to Baylor on Saturday. So, most would assume that at least the Top-6 will remain intact.


  1. Georgia – The only unbeaten in Power 5 football, Georgia practically clinched a playoff berth assuming they beat Charleston Southern and Georgia Tech. Even a loss in the SEC Championship game, assuming they make it their unbeaten, they’re probably in the playoffs.
  2. Alabama – Alabama has games against Arkansas and Auburn ranked, then assuming they win those games, Georgia in the SEC Championship game. They have to win all three for the playoffs to be the most likely.
  3. Oregon – Oregon, like the rest of the contending teams, must win to stay in the field.
  4. Ohio State – The Buckeyes still have quite a bit of work ahead of them, Michigan State and Michigan in consecutive weeks, a potential Big Ten championship game against possibly Wisconsin. They must also win.
  5. Cincinnati – The Bearcats must win and hope for loss to Alabama, Oregon or Ohio State to become the first non-Power5 team to make the CFP.
  6. Michigan – The Wolverines still have meaningful games on the schedule and an away shot for both a Big Ten title and a playoff berth.

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