The honors of all the conferences of an unforgettable football season


Paul Vickers

While it may seem a little late to acknowledge and thank everyone who came out and supported our football program last year, as we all know we sometimes have items in our email draft which are somehow never sent.

Without saying it, my coaching staff was rock solid with me in my freshman year. Bob Howard, Will Buckhanan, Tom Riser, Michael Seijo and Pascual Lerma were called into service with little to no time to prepare. Their time and commitment on and off the pitch has been a big part of the reason for our success. I have to remind myself that taking the reins on July 1 and finishing the regular season 7-2 with a playoff appearance is just amazing. I promise there is no better group of coaches in our league.

When I joined as the coach of Gunnison High School Football, I had a lot of goals. Most of my goals follow my personal philosophy of “Being Great”. As human beings, we have to make a difference every day, and no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we have to give 100%. I want to instill this philosophy in the young men of our community, so that long after they leave Gunnison High School, they will be selfless men in the community where they live. They will be positive role models for others and leaders in the world. Also, at the end of the day, I want to have a high school pee wee program that’s a class act for student-athletes no matter where we are.

On that note, I would encourage young dads in the community to step up and make time for youth football. None of us have much time because of our busy lives, but unless we move on and take the time, the burden falls on others. And that burden, dads, should be on us. The future of our community and our country is in your hands right now, so make a difference and step up. I promise you that the satisfaction you will receive from making a difference in a young man’s life is ten times greater than the few hours of work you give up. And, as a business owner myself, I allow my staff to leave work early to supervise the children. Of course, it costs me, but I consider it a monetary contribution to our community.

Personally, I am blessed to have dedicated time in my life to making a difference with the youth of our community. After all, they changed my life and made me who I am today.

So here is the future of Gunnison Football. Let’s all be part of building a program revered by other communities.

See you at Friday Night Lights!

(Paul Vickers is the head coach of the Gunnison High School football team.)

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