Tim Couch opens up about his relationship with Will Levis: Kentucky Wildcats Football News


Over the years, there have been some big names in the Kentucky Wildcat football program.

When it comes to the quarterback position, however, you could argue that no name is bigger than Tim Couch.

The former No. 1 overall pick in 1999 brought some juice back to the grill in Lexington, alongside the Air-Raid and Hal Mumme.

In Lexington today, Will Levis is trying to build the same kind of superstar legacy.

Couch still resides in Lexington, and he caught up KSR’s Tyler Thompson this week, in which he gave a little insight into the relationship he’s building with British star QB.

“I was over there watching him throw to some of the new receivers. Dane Key was there and a couple other young guys were out, and they were just working,” Couch told KSR. “I kind of sat and leaned against the goal post and just watched him throw for about 30 minutes.”

Looking at Levis, Couch couldn’t help but see similarities between the two.

“Just the look in his eyes, the determination, the work ethic he has right now, the leadership he has and the leadership role he has accepted in the program and just trying to motivate the guys , to push guys to work hard this summer is really, really cool and it reminds me so much of myself 25 years ago.

I think Kentucky fans would be all for it if Levis were able to put together another season similar to Couch’s last in Lexington.

As Levis seeks to become another British QB to hear his name called in the NFL Draft, who better to guide him than Couch?

Be sure to check out his full chat with KSR here.


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