UEFA denies French minister’s fake Champions League ticket number | Soccer News

PARIS: A senior UEFA representative said on Tuesday he did not believe French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin’s claims about the number of counterfeit banknotes in circulation during the chaotic scenes before last month Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.
After the May 28 match, Darmanin claimed between 30,000 and 40,000 counterfeit tickets in the hands of Liverpool fans were causing trouble as police funneled thousands of fans into overcrowded underpasses around the stadium , which delayed kick-off further. more than 30 minutes.
Martin KallenUEFA’s general manager of events, who are in charge of the body’s commercial events, said during a hearing in France Senatewhich investigates the incidents, the figure was much lower.
“We know there were approximately 2,600 tickets taken from the turnstiles that were fake,” Kellen said.
“But a lot of tickets haven’t arrived at the turnstiles… How many? We don’t know, we can’t really check.
“We don’t think that’s the number mentioned in France, which was more or less 30,000 to 40,000,” he added.
Keller said other factors had caused the problems at the Stade de France, in a chaos that saw French police use tear gas at close range, even against children.
“It wasn’t just the paper tickets that created chaos outside the gates,” he said.
“The reasons are many: a transport strike, a bad reaction from the stewards, the police, there were criminals and an extremely large flow of people in front of the stadium without tickets or with fake tickets,” he said. he adds.
Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters are due to testify before the Senate later today.
UEFA has launched its own investigation, overseen by a former Portuguese education and sport minister, which Kellen says will present its findings in September.
“We thought the investigation would take at least two to three months,” Kallen said.
“As it starts now, you could say in September (for the results),” he added.
Real Madrid won the final 1-0 to become European champions for the 14th time.

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