Valley Mustangs ready for first season of college football


Frenchville, Maine (WAGM) – The Valley Mustangs have begun their summer preparation as they continue to prepare for their first season as a college football team. NewsSource Jonathon Eigenmann talks more about this team’s preparation and drive for the season.

Andy Townsend: “I’m excited to play for the high school team now, I’ve been waiting for this moment and just want to get better this year. And just excited”

There’s no doubt that everyone in the valley mustangs football team has been preparing for the team’s first season competing at the high school varsity level under the guise of the MPA and coach- chef Ronald Dalgo wants to see a lot of effort and hard work there.

Ronald Dalgo: “Right now I (want) to see a lot of racing, people not walking between stations in practice, working on our passing game and just conditioning the kids for this month to make sure that they were ready to be able to compete for a whole season”.

The Mustangs are a younger team, they lost 10 seniors from last year’s squad and currently only have one senior and two juniors on this squad. But even these changes won’t change Coach Dalgo’s attacking plan

Ronald Dalgo: “We’re a power running team, we run the single wing here with the Mustangs, we have a quarterback back with the juniors last year and he’s moved on to college this year and he’s can throw the ball quite well, so we were going to assess the players we have, we brought in a few new players and we (were going to) work hard and try to improve from there.

and with any young team comes a need for leadership, one of the qualities returning player Gibson Ouellette hopes to embody for his team: “

Gibson Ouellette: “You have to be able to take a team and lead it because not everyone knows where they’re going and what they’re doing so that helps. I know when I was just starting out it helped having a lot of people you know how to guide me and be there for your younger ones like new players and juniors coming up so leadership is very important and you just know an attitude of hard game”.

These players know that going to training will not be enough and that there are always skills or physical qualities to develop when they are not in training.

Caleb Hayes: “My speed and my stamina, especially my stamina because that’s the most important thing in football in my opinion because if you don’t have enough energy they will overtake you and overtake you. What if stamina do anything so you’re useless and i don’t plan on being useless so what i do is 5k everyday and i do my push ups and sit ups everyday.

When it comes to winning, hard work does wonders, especially in football.

Caleb Hayes: “If you work hard, you can accomplish just about anything; anything in fact. You know if they don’t do their best they won’t improve and if they don’t improve other teams will and we lose so that’s the best thing we can do “.

Coach Dalgo stresses that at this stage what matters to this team is making sure they follow the fundamentals and improve every week. and being exposed to other college football teams in the area will help this team grow and one day, maybe soon, will be a force to be reckoned with.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.

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