What Troy Bowles brings to Georgia football


Saturday kicks off what should be a pretty interesting week on the recruiting trail for Georgia, as the Troy Bowles announcement brings the first of what should be several commitments this week.

So, as Georgia completes its third and final linebacker commitment in the 2023 class, what have they just landed in Troy Bowles?


It’s by far the first thing you notice about the Bowles Strip. He plays football as if he was sent to this planet to destroy the ball carrier and he does it cleanly in the eyes of modern day regulations. He rolls his hips well inside the box and also has the athleticism to be violent in pursuit.


As one can imagine, you grow up in a family with the caliber of football-mindedness like Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles, and you might just pick up a few things. The pedigree of great athletes does not end with athletics. Bowles’ ability to diagnose and react first is a critical part of his success.

Early success

Bowles spent a fair amount of his high school career flexing in space off football or playing on the edge. And while he won’t make much of a living off the beaten path in college, what’s obvious is that his time as a 3-4 outside linebacker in high school allowed him to develop a set skills in progress. Georgia often instructs its linebackers to both cover for SEC receivers and win within pass rush parameters when called to blitz.

Bowles’ commitment now gives Georgia its 13th prospect to join the class halfway through a busy July that will see many more Georgia targets make their college decisions.

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Georgia Football 2023 Commits

  • Pearce Spurlin, ET
  • Raymond Cottrell, WR
  • Bo Hughley, OL
  • Lawson Luckie, ET
  • Gabriel Harris, OLB
  • Joshua Miller, OL
  • CJ Allen, LB
  • AJ Harris, DB
  • Justin Rhett, DB
  • Peyton Woodring, PK
  • Daniel Harris, DB
  • Raylen Wilson, LB
  • Troy Bowles, LB

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