Where Georgia football went wrong defensively against Alabama football


Georgia have business to resolve if they are to avenge a 41-24 loss to Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship game.

Luckily for Georgia, their 12-0 regular-season dominance saw them advance to the college football playoffs where they face No.2 Michigan at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Fla.

The Georgian defense entered the SEC Championship game after allowing 37 points overall in the previous five games and giving Crimson Tide 34 points. So what went wrong and how will Georgia strive to improve?

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Blown blankets

Georgia had blown up covers on the 3rd and 2nd, resulting in a 67-yard touchdown and two more third downs in the first half of the game. It was a rare performance for a football team that had been on the verge of perfection for twelve games so far. It’s one thing to break the blankets; it’s another to do it in the event of a critical drop. This stuff can’t happen.


Georgia tried everything in the back end against Alabama. They played man, they played the zone, they blitzed, they rushed three, they played a spy, they did everything. For four quarters, they constantly changed their look and played different looks. The problem is, all this variety was in the hopes of confusing Bryce Young, instead it seemed to lead to mental errors on Georgia’s side. This can be cleaned up by more simply playing in a potential rematch.

LSU and Auburn went downstairs, lobbied Bryce Young with numbers, and played a massive amount of man-to-man cover.


The best defense is a great offense against a team like Alabama this season. Whether you’re holding the ball while controlling possession time or scoring as a group, your offense should ease your defense. When Georgia allowed 31 points in five possessions Georgia had (3) three strikeouts and a six pick of four of five possessions, it can’t happen. This is the point in the game when your offense needs to boost your defense.

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