bowling match scored one month after Air Force football season, even though practice was limited | Air force sports


The fourth quarter of the Air Force’s final game could prove to be as important to building team depth as the month after.

In that game, the Falcons, who were outnumbered initially as players like quarterback Haaziq Daniels, fullback DeAndre Hughes and slots catcher Dane Kinamon were out, emptied even more of their bench. the end of what was their only win by more than two touchdowns since October 2.

The Air Force used 13 running backs in the 48-14 no-pass victory with 76 players watching the action.

Father delighted to see Air Force safety Trey Taylor bowling in his alma mater in Dallas

“This year we’ve had so many close games that we really haven’t had the chance to face any extra guys,” said coach Troy Calhoun. “I always thought if you could have a couple of games where you can go up against other guys, where you really see the edge, is when you walk into the weight room in January or February. All of a sudden I got my nose blown up a few times and I was like, “Whoa, there’s a reason I need to squat back. “

“I hope that has happened a bit. You make your teeth cringe, you don’t forget them. And this has happened several times.

While the Falcons will see more than a month go by between that game and the First Responders Bowl on Tuesday against Louisville, they haven’t had exactly an extra month of training. The team focused on lifting weights for the first week after the regular season finale on Nov. 26 as coaches recruited. Then come the finals, where Calhoun chose not to train. They eventually returned to the training ground for a pair of sessions on December 14 and 15 before sacking the team until December 23, when they reunited in Dallas again and started what went down. turned out to be a typical match week of preparation.

So the total number of extra practices gained from playing in a boules game – and this late – ended up at around eight.

Air Force football relishes rare opportunity to compete against Power Five competition in bowl game

Some silver linings can be found. First, that last game brought value perhaps beyond extra practice. Second, the team is able to work during training time to develop young players. Third, teams around the conference see players fleeing to the transfer portal.

So while it wasn’t a full month of extra practice, the Falcons certainly won by winning a bowl game and one played so late in December.

“The date is working more than well,” Calhoun said.


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