COVID-19 could ruin a stellar college football season


With several bowl games canceled, along with the risk of the college football playoffs suffering the same fate, COVID-19 is back to ruin college football.

The 2021-22 college football season has gone very well with regard to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic so far.

However, with the finale of what has been a stellar season posing a serious risk of cancellation (which has already fallen victim to several bowl games), fans around the world are realizing that the virus has gone nowhere.

However, no one blames COVID-19 itself for these returning problems. On the contrary, almost all the criticisms have been carried over to the reaction of the PCP management committee.

Apparently, the CFP practices “outdated” methods of managing the spread of the virus and overreacts to them criminally. Those who argue this case go so far as to say that COVID (at least in its current state) is no worse than that of a cold or the flu.

Now, the people making these proclamations are not doctors, and these attempts to assess the severity of the virus are by no means new. However, it’s strange that the entire college football season has gone smoothly, but now things are back to undo this and undo that.

If deemed necessary, a college football qualifying game (potentially even the national championship) could be canceled due to the forfeit of a participating team. It was decided that if such a case did occur, there would be little or no possibility of reprogramming.

If this rule were strictly hypothetical, there would most likely be very little fuss about it. However, with cancellations becoming more frequent, along with No. 3 Georgia suffering from some COVID issues, the most pessimistic people see where things are going (and are not happy).

Even some of the biggest names in sports media are voicing their frustrations with the strict guidelines, including Barrett Sallee and Josh Pate.

Unlike many others, I’m not going to run the risk of stirring pots by giving my own opinions on this situation, especially with the snowball as we speak. Instead, I think everyone should just hope and pray that the conclusion of this impressive college football season isn’t tarnished more than it already has been.


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