Dolphins close saints book during Monday night football


NEW ORLEANS – The Saints had a great opportunity to play Monday Night Football against the Dolphins, and it was just a disastrous game for black and gold. Ian Book’s first start was marked by bad blocks and bad decisions, as the defense did what they could to keep them in the game. Ultimately, this led to the Saints losing 20-3 and dropping to 7-8 that year.

Game recap

The Dolphins started with football after the Saints won the draw and chose to rely on the second half kickoff. Cam Jordan and Alvin Kamara were the two captains, Kamara leading the Who Dat chant. Miami came out with a decent enough practice to start, helped by a 15-yard personal foul penalty on Marshon Lattimore from his out-of-bounds tackle on Jaylen Waddle.

The New Orleans defense did their job in responding afterward, forcing Miami into a punt situation. It took three offensive games for the Dolphins to rise on the board, as Ian Book completed his first assist in the second game of opening practice to be followed by a six pick in Nik Needham. The Dolphins went up quickly 7-0 with 10:25 to go.

The Saints responded by having a three-way practice and away, Book being sacked on 3 and 6. Miami thought about it by sending pressure, and that proved too much for the rookie. The Dolphins put together a 12-play long run that covered 39 yards and took 6:42 off the clock to secure their next points on the board, a Jason Sanders fielder from 48 yards on goal, to take a lead of 10-0 with 2:09 to play in the first frame. Marcus Davenport ended the race in spectacular fashion by having a strip sack on Tua Tagovailoa.

New Orleans continued to struggle offensively, as their run attempts with Alvin Kamara reached 4 yards in two plays, and the 3rd and 6th saw Book run for his life, managing to dodge a sack only to be shot. as he ran to the right side. The quarter finally ended after the Dolphins missed a game. Their practice ended near midfield, as they had Jacoby Brissett stopped by Cam Jordan on a 3rd and 1 play to force a punt and put it in the hands of the offensive with 12:14 remaining until ‘at halftime.

The Saints’ offense looked a bit better, as Book started the ride by connecting with Marquez Callaway for a 17-yard gain to open. However, things were going to turn badly, then Alvin Kamara was given an unnecessary roughness penalty for personal foul after play from 3rd and 3rd to push the Saints back 15 yards.

As the Dolphins took over with 9:51 left until halftime, they ran a three and off on their own, as the Saints’ defense did their job to keep the team in place. . The offense finally responded, setting up an 8-play, 55-yard practice that ended with a 38-yard field goal from Brett Maher to take the score to 10-3 with 2:45 left to go before the halfway mark. time. The Saints began the drive to Callaway, which again worked. Book found Alvin Kamara on a nice scenario and got another 15 yards of a passer penalty. New Orleans had a 3rd and 2nd chance on the Dolphins’ 15-yard line, but Kamara was bottled up for no gain.

The Dolphins had an interesting two-minute drill, which was highlighted by a controversial take that saw the decision on the field, plenty of Jaylen Waddle and a possible death sack from Cam Jordan that forced a field goal attempt from 59 yards for Jason Sanders with little time on the clock. New Orleans called the time-out on the first attempt which was perfect by Sanders, but the second attempt was wide and things stayed 10-3 at halftime.

Second part

As the Saints kicked off to open the third quarter, and their first practice saw him go quickly with another three-and-outs. Miami returned the favor by returning the ball after three games, as Marshon Lattimore got a big interception on Tua Tagovailoa. The Saints had a few things moving on their ride, with the Book-Callaway connection underway, but the ride stalled and ended with a fifth sack on Book to force a punt.

The Dolphins took over at 9:40 of the third quarter, and they touched down to extend their lead to 17-3 after driving a 9-game, 86-yard practice that took 4:34. the clock. Tagovailoa connected deeply with Mack Hollins for a 40-yard play, then continued by hitting Jaylen Waddle for a 20-yard completion via a flea flicker. Waddle would finish the one-yard run after the Saints were flagged for two penalties on the same play.

New Orleans would get a first try on the first game of their next possession via an Alvin Kamara run, but that was about all they wrote on this record. Miami regained the upper hand with 2:48 left in the third quarter, but were quickly stopped in their offensive streak and sent back to the Saints at the end of the third quarter.

The Saints would get very aggressive in their next heat, opting for a 4th and 1 from their own 38-yard line which saw no one open and Book toss him out of bounds. The Dolphins ran 6 plays for 22 yards and ended up conceding a 34-yard field goal from Sanders to take the lead to 20-3 with 12:05 to go.

The offense continued to struggle and the Dolphins’ defense ended up winning their eighth sack of the night after Book didn’t even get a chance to do anything. New Orleans turned aggressive after being backed on a 3rd and 20, seeing Alvin Kamara scoop up 19 yards, then rush into 4th and 1 to get things going. Book would be sacked in back-to-back games, and the Saints would only have to fend off the ball.

Miami missed a few games, pushing back on time, only to return to the Saints with 4:32 to go. New Orleans got their best offensive play of the night, which obviously came too little, too late. Book threw it at Lil’Jordan Humphrey, who had a nice catch and had a good YAC to help push the Saints into Dolphins territory. However, practice ended when Book threw his second pick of the night after having had no time to pitch it.

The Dolphins managed to slow the clock down, and the Saints offense missed the clock with just one basket to show. Miami inflicted on New Orleans its 8th loss of the season. New Orleans are still alive in the playoff race, but they’ll need a miracle to help them stay alive. They return home next Sunday in a late flexing kick against the Panthers in Week 17.

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