Has the college football season been derailed again by playoff support?


With what has been a crazy college football season ending in a national title game seen less than five years ago, has the grandeur of this current run taken a hit?

Most college football fans would agree this has been a great season. One of the main reasons for this was the many new faces that have emerged, in terms of both playoff contention and overall relevance. The randomness of the stretch was showcased by a pair of playoff rookies Michigan and Cincinnati (the latter of which isn’t even a Power 5 talent).

However, along with the new faces came a few familiar, teams that were no stranger to the top dog mentality: the Georgia Bulldogs and, more importantly, the Alabama Crimson Tide. To make matters worse, these two even met in the national title game just four years ago.

As one can surely imagine, most fans outside of Tuscaloosa and Athens were hoping for outsider wins. Sadly, the New Years Eve semifinal games bring them all back to disappointing reality.

With each result ultimately decided by 21 points or more, the BFC world quickly realized that this season’s domestic championship was going to be a rematch of the one seen in early 2018. Not only that, but it would also be the revenge of an SEC. the game’s breakup of the title hadn’t even happened a month ago.

By this time, most of the CFB landscape must have been on its couches thinking ‘wow, that really sucks’. And to be completely honest, why not?

Over a period of about four months, the entire nation had sat down and watched countless upheavals, several newcomers making noise and several power plants collapsing. Going from it all to a rerun of an SEC beating for the natty is disappointing to say the least, but that’s what people got.

Conflicting reports regarding the CFP semi-finals hearing – particularly compared to the Rose Bowl – have been questionable at best, but one is not refuted: The Cotton Bowl was by far the least watched of the two elimination battles, although he is the more “competitive” of the pair.

Now, there could be several plausible explanations for this. For starters, Cincinnati is a smaller college football powerhouse, and that’s sure to have less influence than its opponent (that of Alabama).

There also could have been a lot of people anticipating a blowout, as you can almost feel the severity of the mismatch just by thinking about the concept of Alabama and Cincy face to face.

There is another possible reason for the noticeably inferior views, however, and that is the fact that many fans just didn’t want to see Bama make their way into another National Championship game. It’s boring, repetitive, and fewer people like it than some media experts suggest.

It wouldn’t be at all surprising if the Alabama / Georgia rematch hit at least a number of viewers, although college football is a predominantly Southern interest. But if not, hopefully it will be because the competition was a little tighter than last time around.


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