How the Coaching Carousel will impact Georgian football


There are currently seven Power 5 head coach positions available in the college football world.

LSU, Florida, USC, Virginia Tech, Washington, TCU, and Washington State have all publicly left their current head coach.

Miami has yet to release head coach Manny Diaz from his post, but having already fired their sporting director, one would assume that they will fire Diaz when his $ 2 million buyout clause is dropped after the end of the regular season.

So there are a lot of job vacancies around Power 5 football, and we’re only at the end of November. This means that eventually, as these positions start to be filled, the Georgian staff coaches will receive phone calls.

Look at the Saban tree

It’s no secret that there are a lot of Saban Tree affiliates on the Georgia coaching staff. Glenn Schumman, Scott Cochran, Will Muschamp, among many support staff, all worked under Saban. Why is this important?

Well, the three most popular names in terms of potential head coaches, Lane Kiffin, Mario Cristobal, and Billy Napier are all Saban guys. As these guys land at their new coaching gigs – assuming they actually quit their current job – their first phone calls will be with the Athens area codes attached.

Watch the Mid Majors

Kirby Smart had to work ten years under Nick Saban’s tutelage before getting the offer to coach the school of his dreams. Defensive coordinator Dan Lanning likely won’t be offered one of those top jobs like Miami, USC or even Florida. Although a school like Troy or the CRF can do it. Or if Cincinnati loses Luke Fickel at one of these jobs, Lanning could be a candidate for a program like this.

Discover Todd Monken

We’ll find out if Todd Monken has any future head coaching aspirations this offseason. He is 55 years old, is the offensive coordinator of the country’s No.1 team, is extremely respected in football circles as a creative attacking spirit and yet he has only had one chance to be a coach- chief. He turned fairly quickly to a Miss South 0-12 program as a head coach before heading to the NFL as a coordinator.

Remember the rest

You have to beat Auburn with a stick and overtime every offseason, he seems to be keeping Dell McGee. Someone will likely call about quarterback coach Buster Faulkner. Tight Ends coach Todd Hartley didn’t miss a top recruiting goal on the tight end in three classes. Defensive line coach Tray Scott will have several first-round draft picks over the next two seasons. There are a lot of extremely young and talented coaches in this Georgian staff who will likely be poached this offseason.

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